Whatsapp crashes ios 11.2 on iphone 6s plus

Like everyone else i have always liked to update my iphone software to latest version. I do the same with my apps too. I have iPhone 6s Plus running latest IOS 11.2 and Whatsapp latest version 2.17.82. One fine morning i just finished a whatsapp call and soon after i tried to send a message to one of my friends on whatsapp, while i was typing message screen went completely blank and iphone started restarting( black screen with spinning wheel in the middle). while this happening i had a 75% battery. my phone never booted back, i tried manually powering it on, after couple of tries it prompted me with a battery and cable charger icon telling me that battery completely drained from 75% to 0%. When I put it on charge it booted back up and amazingly 65% battery!.

Seems like there is definitely a problem with both iOS and new Whatsapp software.

I hope to see a new fixes from Apple and Whatsapp and would stop my phone crashing, and incorrect battery percentage.

Does anyone else have similar issue?

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